Onboarding: Welcome To Seaty

We Gladly Welcome You To The Seaty Project — A Next-Gen NFT Ticketing Platform Built On The Cardano Ecosystem.

We Know You Must Have Experienced The Frustrating Tickets Sold Out Message On The Ticketing Sites Even Minutes After Ticket Sales Started, Wanna Know Why It Happens? Its Simply The Work Of Ticket Touts, Scalper Bots Who Purchase Large Quantities Of The Available Tickets And Then Goes On To Put It On Sale On Secondary Markets Ticketing Sites At An Outrageous Prices. This Is One Of The Major Issues Faced By The Ticketing Industry.

We Are Currently Going To Solve This Issues And Give Back Equal Power To Everyone By Introducing Our NFT Ticketing System And Marketplace.

This Will Enable event organisers and artists to take back control and allow them to sell tickets and collectables directly to fans.

Our Software Will:

  • Provide a way for artists and event organisers to retain control of secondary ticket sales and the subsequent revenue
  • Eliminate fraud, touting and scalping
  • Reward and incentivise fans for attending events

The Secondary Ticketing Market: What Are They

You Remember When We Said The Ticket Touts Go On To Re-Sale The Tickets On Secondary Markets, These Are Like Ticket Re-Sale Platforms often facilitated by third-party online marketplaces such as StubHub and Viagogo Where Tickets Are Sold At Outrageous Prices To People Who Are Willing To Pay And This Tends To Hurt The Artists Or Event Organisers Revenue And Fan Engagement Opportunities.

In principle, a healthy secondary ticketing market is needed. Plans change; it will be inevitable that some fans simply can’t make an event for whatever reason. Sometimes fans need a way to recoup the money they’ve spent on their ticket. A secondary market also provides fans who missed the original sale a second chance to get their hands on a ticket.

But, once the artist or promoter has sold a ticket, they have very little control over what happens to it next. In reality, tickets on the secondary market are often sold at much higher prices solely to net the original buyer a sizeable profit. Touts and scalpers prey on fans and turn the practice into a very profitable business.

The global secondary ticketing market is projected to reach $2755.5 million by 2027.

Our Promised Solution To The Secondary Market Issues:

By building our NFT event marketplace using The Cardano blockchain technology, we’re able to harness the power of NFTs to issue tickets, verify ownership, transfer ownership and permit attendees entry to venues on event day.

When an NFT ticket is minted, artists or promoters can attach certain conditions and royalty splits to the ticket through the use of smart contracts. For example, suppose an NFT ticket was sold on after the original purchase. In that case, a condition could be set at mint to send a percentage of the revenue generated directly back to the artist’s or promoter’s wallet. Setting the split to a high percentage makes it impossible for people to profit when reselling tickets, ending the ability for scalpers to make money from fans.

You can even make the NFTs non-transferable, which would prohibit people from sending them on to anyone in the first place.

This is an extreme case and would most likely only be set by superstars whose events sell out in minutes.

Another application for this kind of revenue split could enable artists and promoters to make a percentage commission on each resale. If an additional revenue split of 20% were set, for example, 20% of each resale would be returned to the artist’s or promoter’s wallet.

Using our NFT ticketing marketplace in this way would allow artists and promoters unprecedented control over the secondary market in a way that has not previously been possible.

There are no other NFT ticketing companies out there doing what we’re doing with our team’s experience.

How Will Fans Benefit From This?

We’ve already seen how NFTs can become collectors’ items with the likes of BAYC and Crypto Punks, and event tickets carry the same potential to have a value even long after the event has taken place.

How much do you think a ticket to Michael Jackson’s last concert would be worth if you could prove its authenticity?

Or perhaps the worth of a ticket to the 1966 World Cup Final to an avid England supporter?

NFT event tickets can become tradable commodities in themselves or, at the very least, a permanent memento of a particular moment in history to one lucky holder.

But that’s not all.

Organisers can reward loyal fans by airdropping assets directly to their wallets from the Seaty platform. Fan rewards can be anything from amazing live shots of the event, custom visual NFTs, $TICK Token Airdrops or rare memorabilia. All of which can be displayed to everyone on social media or in NFT galleries or even resold, generating more revenue.

How Will The Entire Process Work?

Issuing or minting NFT event tickets is the same as minting any other kind of NFT. Once you create an NFT ticket, it can be sent to a user’s crypto wallet, where it is securely stored.

The main difference between our tickets and regular NFTs is that each one of our NFT tickets is bound to a user’s mobile wallet using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.

NFC, not to be confused with NFT, is the technology in your mobile phone that allows you to use things like Apple Pay and Google Pay. It enables your phone to communicate with contactless systems such as card terminals simply by being close.

An NFT ticket is only considered valid when bound to a valid NFC tag.

The reason for this is two-fold.

Firstly, it allows people to simply touch their mobile phone against a terminal when entering a venue, speeding the entry process up and keeping things as contactless as possible — something that has become increasingly important over the last couple of years.

Secondly, a promoter only needs to remove an NFC tag within the Seaty dashboard to void a ticket. Without the ability to void tickets in this way, there would be nothing to stop somebody from buying a ticket, asking for a refund, and still using it at the gate to gain entry.

We Are Making It Easy

We’ve designed Seaty to be as frictionless as possible. We’ve done away with the complicated and time-consuming processes users often need to endure to use other blockchain-based projects; we’ve developed a system that’s even more streamlined than using the big-named traditional ticketing sites.

You can connect your wallet, set up your profile and buy/sell tickets in minutes without having to verify card information or deal with third-party intermediaries or centralised ticketing sites.

New innovative technology should simplify the experience for the end-user. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. Nobody will use a new product or service just because it employs new technology in the background if it doesn’t truly benefit them, which is why we’ve put so much focus on ease of use. Tickets can quite literally be purchased in just a few clicks on the Seaty NFT marketplace.

The $TICK Token

Even though we’ll be charging some of the lowest fees in the industry to use our platform, you’ll be able to reduce them even further by holding $TICK token. The buyer’s fee discount you’ll receive when buying tickets will vary depending on how many $TICK you have in your wallet. You could also be in with a chance of earning exclusive perks and early access to events as a holder.

There’s more, though.

By holding $TICK, you’ll become part of the platform and earn a 50% split of the platform’s revenue, as well as being entitled to a combination of other incentives with our marketplace.

Currently Working Towards Completely Revolutionizing The Ticketing Industry, Seaty’s NFT Ticketing Project Will Be The End Ticket Frauds, Scalping And Touting.

Join The Seaty Community

Our team is working flat out building a product to shake up the ticketing industry and loosen the stranglehold a few mega-corporations have over event-goers, artists and promoters.

The Seaty community is snowballing, so get involved and make sure you don’t miss out by heading over to our website (Seaty.com) and signing up for early access.

We are also hosting a bunch of giveaways, airdrops and more on our Telegram Channel, which we’d love you to become a part of.

The $SEATY token is launching in the first half of 2022, so don’t miss out; there’s plenty more to come!

Telegram: https://t.me/Seatycommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeatyNFT

Blog: https://Seaty.medium.com

Website: https://Seaty.io




Next-Gen Algorithmic NFT Ticketing Solution On The Cardano Blockchain Built For The Future Of The Ticketing Industry

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Next-Gen Algorithmic NFT Ticketing Solution On The Cardano Blockchain Built For The Future Of The Ticketing Industry

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